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Top 5 Trending Topic to Grow YouTube Channel in 2020

As you know it became very difficult to grow your channel on YouTube. Our very competetive already exists on YouTube and due to this it has become very difficult to grow channels and get views on videos. If you want to grow your channel on YouTube, then there should be some unique topic that helps in growing YouTube channel. And I will tell you some unique topics in this article which will help you a lot to grow on YouTube. If you follow a topic I mentioned, then your YouTube channels will grow very quickly and there will be no shortage of views & subscriber.

Top 5 Trending Topic to Grow YouTube Channel in 2020

 1  Gaming 

As you know the game is a very popular topic and everyone likes to play or watch the game. There are many popular games available right now in the playstore. If you check on playstore, you will get 1st trending game PUBG, 2nd trending game will get Free Fire. Similarly, you will find many Trending games that you can play. And you can do live streaming on Youtube and very quickly you get million of subscriber on your channel and million of views on your videos. There are many Youtube Channel where game players do live stream their games and their subscriber and views are in million. So this is a popular trending topic, if you like to play games, then you can open your YouTube gaming channel by choosing this topic. Your channel Will grow very quickly in a very short time.

 2  Photography 

If you talk about photography, then this is a very good trending topic to grow channels on youtube. I tell you how YouTube channel will grow through photography. As you know that Instagram is a popular social media where people do modeling. The most important component for modeling is photography. And as many youngster want to click their stylish photos. If you make videos photography related tips and tricks on YouTube then your channel will grow very quickly, if you watch photography channel on YouTube then you will get many channels which have millions of subscribers and video views. Because this is a very trending topic for youngster.

 3  Vector Art 

If you like photo editing or you have good knowledge in photo editing then you can open a YouTube channel of vector art, what happens in vector art, basically you have to do convert a simple photo into a cartoon type photo. If talk about vector art trending, So this topic is very trending topic, you will go to YouTube and search Vector Art Photo Editing, you will find many videos and youtube channel where millions have video views and milliom of subscribers. This is also a very trending topic, by using this topic, you will open a youtube channel and will be a very good channel in a very working time.

 4  Tiktok Video Editing 

You will know about tiktok, this is a very popular application. And Tiktok’s creators make the video in a good quality to gain views and followers and also use VFX in many videos. And that video starts trending on Tiktok very quickly and as many Tiktok creators are there, they want to create this type of trending video. So if you have knowledge in VFX then you can open Tiktok VFX channel. And VFX Editing Video can be make very good subscriber and views by uploading to your channel, if you search Tiktok tutorial channel on YouTube, you will find some channels whose videos have views in millions and also the channel’s subscribers is in millions. So you can open Tiktok tutorial channel on YouTube, it will grow very quickly in a very short time.

 5  Roasting 

Talking about the roasting channel, this has become quite a trending topic on YouTube, in this topic there was a video recently of carryminati, which had 45 million views and 5 million subscriber in a four days on the channel. , So this is a very trending topic, if you open the rosting channel, your channel will grow very quickly on YouTube. Before opening the roasting channel, you have to keep some things in mind, such as take permission from the one you are about to roast, if he/she give permission then you have to roast them. If you roast without permission, you can get strike on your videos as well. So you have to take permission before roast.

So friends, there were some trending topics which are trending very much on YouTube. If you select one of these topics and open your youtube channel, then your YouTube channel will grow very quickly. So I hope you liked this article.


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