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Can you still play PUBG after ban in 2020 ?


Most of you all, will be wondering What to do next after PUBG ban? Is it a similar story like Tik Tok ban?  Everyone was happy on Tik Tok ban as it was pushing negative messages to public by few Tik Tokers. On the other hand, the PUBG ban has made everyone so sad like Indian cricket team has lost from Pakistan which is by any chance not possible till Rajnikanth is alive. The only people who are happy with PUBG ban are our parents.

What to do next on PUBG ban?

  • Want to play PUBG
  • Alternatives of PUBG

Can you still play PUBG?

Yes, you can still play PUBG, as PUBG mobile and PUBG lite is banned, you can still play PUBG on PC, XBox or PS4.

PUBG and PUBG Mobile are two different games that are made by different developers. The PC version belongs to Bluehole Studio based in Seoul, South Korea and also its publisher is not Chinese. Hola!

Download and install Steam on your PC.

You need at least Intel Core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300 processor with 8GB of RAM, 64-bit Windows 7, DirectX version 11

Buy PUBG from

You can also download PUBG Lite, if you don’t have required configuration from

Best available alternatives to PUBG Mobile:

  1. COD: Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the most popular battle-royale games and closest to PUBG mobile. The game is packed with a host of exciting features like to use helicopters, using shield entire gameplay, dedicated battle royale mode with hundred players can fight out till end.

  1. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

Another similar game like PUBG is Garena Free Fire. It is quite popular in India and has an impressive feature set. Coming to the gameplay, Free Fire is short and crisp, in each match 50 players compete to win within a timespan of 10 minutes. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for the people who love quick matches and doesn’t want to spend all time just for a single match. It is also liked by Counter Strike fans.

  1. Last day on Earth: Survival

This is very much liked by players who like playing zombie games. The game is all set up in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and other creatures. To survive in the game, you have to fight against zombies and need to kill as many as zombies so that you remain the last person standing in the battle. The games also allow gamers to build houses, attack animals, craft your weapons etc.

  1. Black Survival

The game is mostly famous in players who like adventure games and taking odd challenges. It mainly involves search, craft, attack and run. It is designed for PvP (Player Vs Player) to provide unique experience to gamers. Black Survival provides more than 20 different areas to explore where each gamer needs to fight with other nine gamers to be the last person standing. Unlike other games, Black survival provides more than 600 weapons to fight.

  1. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

The most unique feature of this game in the category of Battle Royale, is that it lets 121 players to fight out in each match. In this game, similar to PUBG player can travel seamlessly using helicopters. Some of the greatest highlight of this PUBG mobile alternative is its easy controls, seamless performance and smooth voice communication.

  1. Battle Prime

If you ask me one of the closest alternatives to PUBG, its Battle Prime. Its work flawlessly on high-end devices and runs at 6 – fps frame rate on flagship devices with HD graphics, sound and gameplay, it’s the ideal choice for gamers. It also runs on lower-end mobile devices at less frame rate. It has three battle modes as Team Domination, Deathmatch and Harvest.

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